What’s New!

Ongoing Exhibit & Misc. News from Natalie!

** We are on the map! For NH Open Doors November 3 – 4, 2018! Check out the event details and the maps of artist galleries, studios, gift shops, specialty shops, etc. that will have special open houses during this very fun weekend around the state of NH! We are located in the ‘Merrimack Valley’ region!

** I am an exhibiting member of the Seacoast Artist Association and have art on display at their gallery year round! The gallery is located at 130 Water Street in Exeter NH. Stop on by Tuesday through Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sundays noon to 4pm. Visit their website at: http://www.seacoastartist.org! The SAA is a non-profit that provides scholarships to local high school seniors who pursue art school after graduation!

** Just tried my hand at Astro-photography in Acadia National Park in Bar Harbor, Maine! Check out workshops by Capture the Stars at http://www.capturethestarsworkshops.com/ if you’d like to learn more about this type of photography!

** I am starting to build my stock portfolio on shutterstock.com! Click here to see my images.  I have been learning the ropes of stock photography from Susan Schmitz who has created a new new online course on building residual income from stock photography! Check it out at http://www.roadmaptoroyalties.com! Enrollment is open!

** Learning new techniques and have started a series of mixed media animal paintings. You can see some of them here – check out my Baby Goat and Sweet Sheep! http://natalie-rotman-cote.pixels.com/collections/prints+of+my+original+paintings.  Many more in the making!

** I’m also learning new oil painting techniques from the http://www.dreamlovepaint.com e-course created by the amazing painter Dreama Tolle Perry! As of January 2017, I’m in the 2nd edition of this e-course – http://provence.dreamlovepaint.com “Once upon a time in Provence”! In 2016, I created about 20 paintings from the class and on my own using these new techniques. Two are on this page http://natalie-rotman-cote.pixels.com/collections/prints+of+my+original+paintings  – Sunflower Beauties and Side Sunflower!

Links I Want to Share with You!

** Linda Marquette Photography! My partner in photography has her amazing work for sale here! http://lmarquette.zenfolio.com

** Patsy Pratt Photography!  Shop her stunning wildlife photography! http://www.patsyprattphotography.com

** Road map to Royalties online class by excellent photographer Susan Schmitz: http://www.roadmaptoroyalties.com

** DreamLovePaint online e-course – LOVE this woman’s work and this class is fantastic! http://www.dreamlovepaint.com created by the amazing painter Dreama Tolle Perry! Part 2 – 2017 – is http://provence.dreamlovepaint.com “Once upon a time in Provence”! Part 3 – 2018 – http://tuscany.dreamlovepaint.com.

** Copper Beech Winery! Local wine by my friend Lin! Check out her winery and website at http://www.copperbeechwinery.com/

** Capture the Stars photography workshops: http://www.capturethestarsworkshops.com/