Natalie Rotman Cote is a fine artist who loves nature and enjoys variety in her art. She travels with her husband Steve and hopes to capture and share the beauty of the world through her art.  They are avid animal lovers and their family includes two dogs: a retired racer Greyhound and a Foxhound rescue.
Natalie got started in the art field when she took a drawing class as an adult at the Sharon Arts Center in NH, USA.  She has studied at the NH Institute of Art and has taken many workshops with professional photographers and painters over the past several years.  She is a retired Software Engineer who finds the process of creating art to be similar to building software systems - one layer at a time - a layered process to arrive at the end result.  
Natalie's work is available online and at the Lane House Arts Center in Hampton, NH where she shares studio and gallery space with other local artists.
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All art work for Natalie's Art ©Natalie Rotman Cote
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