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1/23/23 As an artist, what is my goal – besides of course creating art?
I just want to sell my art.
I imagine my art out in the world bringing smiles and warm feelings to people when they see it. A colorful cheerful piece on the wall in the kitchen. Or a useful tray with a beautiful photograph that brings back memories of place or time. A set of abstracts on an office wall that gives the eye a place to land and contemplate. Matching throw pillows on the couch that add a splash of happy color to the living room. Stationary that is used to share love and kind thoughts with others. An artful to do list that makes ‘to do’g a bit more pleasant.
Selling art seems to be more about playing a game with ever changing rules. I just can’t get the hang of it and it’s not for lack of trying! This is not pretty I know but it’s honest.  Social media algorithms change on a whim. Try making reels (videos) but keep them short, interact with other artists and comment on their posts, use the right hashtags – oh wait hashtags are going away, be consistent with posting, keep your look consistent but not boring, message those who interact with you, get the conversation going, post about yourself – let people get to know you. Grow your mailing list. Offer lead ins - give away free artwork or expert tips to entice people to sign up. All excellent advice I’m sure – but how do I make this all result in sales?
When selling in person, tell the story of the piece – I do enjoy that and have done it for years. Let the visitor enjoy the experience – don’t be pushy and don’t be aloof. Be interested but not too interested. Ask for the sale. Don’t discount your art. Run a sale. Be seasonal (that is definitely not me).
It is truly crazy.
Just be you, be genuine. I can get behind that. Genuinely me is this - show my art – in person, online – and let people decide if they want to buy it. Keep it simple. Learn new techniques, offer useful art items that make everyday a little more fun for people. “If you build it (and I have!), they will come”. It’s not working.
I’ve been caught up in the ‘sell your art online’ educational wave for a couple of years. I have met some truly remarkable, successful artists. I have learned tons from them and I admire their success and willingness to share their methods and secrets! In turn, I have created thousands of offerings online – which I love seeing and buying myself - on several different sites. I offer diverse products from traditional wall art to my designs on clothing and everything in between - all held together by my own website. The selling isn’t happening much at all though.
Can I be genuinely me and just sell my art? The big hold up is how to get it in front of people who would like to buy it. One dear friend told me my art emails remind him what day of the week it is. I’ve been doing the consistent thing and have been sending them on Fridays. Oh, that is not my goal to be a calendar reminder.
Where to go from here? Continue to chase my audience? Where are you? How do I find you without feeling fake and feeling like I’m badgering the same people?
As an artist, the joy of creating is a huge thing. I’m drawn to it seven days a week and even in my sleep I’m processing ideas. The joy of knowing people enjoy my art in their own worlds is a huge thing too. How do I get there? Attitude adjustment – quite possibly. Give up, no. Hire someone to do marketing – maybe. 
This year, I’d like to figure this out.
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