​​​​​​​Thank you for joining my waitlist for my new digital course where I will teach my personal tips and techniques for creating excellent photographs ! Here is your bonus tip and challenge to get you started!
Tip: Consider what's in the background of your shot 
BEFORE you take the shot!
Problem: When you look at your photos - how many times do you see people you don't know (ok, photo bombs can be funny!), awkward items such as trash barrels, telephone poles or trucks in your shot that you never noticed when you took the photo? 
Solution: It pays off to take a look around the photo in the viewfinder or on your screen before you click the shutter button. 
 You can instantly take action to exclude that item. If it's something you can pick up and move - like a water bottle that you can toss in a recycle bin - do that! 
You can move your body - up, down, left, right, closer, further - for a different view or ask the subject to move (if possible).  
Try zooming in or out to get around the item or to minimize the impact it has on your photo. 
If you can't eliminate the distraction, you can learn how to remove it after you take the shot - using a photo editing app - if you really need to do so! It's often much easier to just avoid the problem before you take the photo.
Challenge! The next time you take a photo - snap it! Then snap it again - but this time, look around the photo in your viewfinder or screen to look for distractions before you snap the shutter!
Use this tip to eliminate the unwanted item or distraction. 
Share your photos - before shot and after shot - with me by
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