​​​​​​​Thank you for joining my waitlist for my new digital course where I will teach my personal tips and non-techniques for creating excellent photographs! Here is your bonus tip and challenge to get you started!
Tip: Look all around you when you are shooting - up, down, left, right. Consider what's all around you BEFORE you take the shot!
Problem: When you look at your photos - how many times do think my photos look just like everyone else's photos of this subject. How can I make them different? 
Solution: It pays off to take a look around you (up, down, left, right, behind you) and come up with your own unique perspective on the subject. Straight ahead of you is not always the most interesting way to see a scene. 
In the example below, looking down was a fun view point for my photo! Fall leaves are always fun to shoot. Everyone shoots the trees! This lone leaf on an icy path gives a whole different feel to the subject. 
Challenge! The next time you take a photo - think is this a unique take on this scene? Is it interesting? What else is around me? Is there another way to represent this scene that is more 'me'? Then snap it again with your unique perspective. 
Use this tip to be sure you get the best shot at that moment in time. 
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