Natalie’s Art Membership Details           

Welcome to the details of my new membership! This information is for possible VIP Founding Members and is not available to the general public. This is a ground floor opportunity where you can help drive the content and even help name the membership! 
Goals: FUN, Informative, No Stress, Learning, Just the right amount of time – not too much, not too little. Approx. 3 hours of content per month - we all have busy lives - let's add some fulfilling creative learning time just for us!
Note: This is not a crafty club – we are focusing on the art part of arts and crafts.
Delivery: Private FB Group for members only, Email list, Membership website may come along in the future
Founding Member price: $25/month              
Founding Member sign up cut-off date:  5/7/2022 after this date membership will be closed at least until 9/1/2022 and at that time, the price will increase for new non-founding members so this is the time to get in!
Payment: Initially by paypal to - to sign up - send in your payment and the fun will begin!
All content is available while you are an active member and the price for you will never increase as a VIP founding member! 
Monthly content possibilities: Here are examples of what we might cover for a given theme - as applicable - not all of these subjects every month or we'd be way over 3 hours - I will keep our time limited to what's most important for the give theme.
* A defined theme (such as easy drawing, watercolor basics, acrylics, pour painting, photography tips, composition tips, what is value and why is it important, what are pastels, mixed media projects, art journaling, etc.)
* A live talk on the theme
* Materials for the given medium - what you need to get started
* The Process - how to create in this medium
* Examples - of my work, of the work of experts and friends and masters
* Guest Speaker
* Recorded Demo
* Practice session live by zoom
* Supply list
* Example to work on
* Resources List - where to find out more
* Limited to 3 pieces of content per month
* Download of a piece of my art in the given medium when appropriate
* Possible add-on’s: Box fee for supplies sent in the mail for any given month
What can you expect when you sign up? 
We will start off with introductions in our private FB group! Then we'll poll for a name for this membership and we'll schedule our first theme. 
The first theme month will be presented in June though we will have a fun challenge or two in May to get our art juices flowing! 
Our first task in this membership is to name the group! I have found many of the ideas I have are already in use... here are some that I think are available - we will vote! 
Natalie’s Art Membership, Natalie’s Art Club, Learning Art Techniques Together– by Natalie’s Art, and more! 
Let's do this! Pay on paypal to get started or message me here with questions! 
Thank you for you interest! 
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