​​​​​​​Online learning: Enrollment is now closed.. but you can join the waitlist for next time! 
My digital course for taking great photos:
"Take Your Best Shot: 
Great photos made simple!"

Are you frustrated by your photographs? 
Do you want to be proud of your photos?
Do you want to get more creative with your photography? 
Are you ready to be WOW'd by your photos? 
Do you want to skip all the technical jargon of photography and just take great shots?  
​​​​​​​Does any of that resonate with you? Let me help you get results that will make you happy to share your images far and wide! You'll learn lots of non-technical tips that add up to GREAT photography! 
In-person learning: Summer Workshops coming soon at 
Creative Community Space in Epping, New Hampshire USA
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