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Thank you for joining my list. Here is your bonus tip and challenge to help you take great photos.
Tip: Get down low! This tip is especially helpful for landscapes, architecture, kids and animals.
Problem: When you look at your photos - how many times do think: 
"My photos look just like everyone else's photos of this subject. How can I make them different?"
I'm here to help you make them different and great!
Solution/Tip: Everyone shoots from a standing position. Try crouching down and taking a photo straight on from a low vantage point. Or crouch and tilt your camera up a bit towards the sky. The change in the photo is often dramatic!
In the example below, crouching down and looking up provides a grand looking photo. I also used the .5 lens (wide angle) on my phone to make the trees look so tall and full. 
Challenge! The next time you take a photo - crouch down and look at the scene. Is that a more interesting shot than standing at eye level?  Get a before shot, crouch and take the after shot. 
I'm betting you'll say YES the lower perspective is best! 
Use this tip to be sure you get the best shot at that moment in time. 
Let me know how it goes! Send me a message
I'd love to hear your thoughts!  
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